About Me

I am Swati Garg.

I like the idea of unicorns and think they are magical, beautiful, and fleeting, so I named my blog on them. I am an MBA and a marketer, though I wish I were a NASA scientist or an anthropologist.
I have liked writing from a young age. My first poem was at the age of 9 titled “Love Yourself”. I have grave suspicions that this is where Justin Bieber got the inspiration for his song.

More About Me

My Likes

Star Gazing
Walking Through Nature
Listening To the Waves of the Ocean
Eating Healthy

My Dislikes

Crying Babies
Unkempt Wardrobes
Mean People
Routines & Monotony

I Dream of

True Freedom in Every Sense (Not Just Make Believe)
Enriching People’s Lives
Giving Back To Nature
Experiencing New and Living an Exciting, Enterprising, and Fulfilling Life
Charlie Puth

I am grateful for

Having access to books, movies, and other works of art
Being able to travel to amazing places around the world
Being able to cook(I try) and eat delicious food
Meeting people that I run into and for the ones who stay back

The purpose of this blog is to write about the nice things in our lives.
To get in touch with me, you can mail me at swati.garg3012@gmail.com