12 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Mountains

Mountains are awe-inspiring. They are nature at its rawest, mightiest and most spectacular form. If you are a hiker or a mountain lover, you’d know how addictive they are. For those who are skeptical about planning a trip to mountains, these 12 reasons to go on a trip to mountains will make it easier for you to decide.

However, before we begin , you might as well ask yourself why in the first place are you playing with the idea of traveling to the mountains?
Is it to get super “likable” Instagram pictures or to brag about your trip to mountains to people or just because everyone’s doing it? If the response to any of these questions is yes, it’s totally okay till you remember to have a good time and make yourself truly happy.

I suppose it would be fine to share a picture of mountains before I start convincing you why Mountains ought to be your next destination.

1. Purity

We are used to living in an environment where we are continually surrounded by polluted air, signals of all kinds(wifi, Bluetooth, microwave, and now I am immensely happy to welcome IoT, sarcasm intended), loud noises, synthetic smells and concrete jungles. Let’s be enveloped by myriad colors of nature, mellifluous sounds of rustling of leaves in the woods and chirping of birds, pure and refreshing air which is unaware of pollutants of the cities and the scents of pines and cedars once in a while?


2. Minimalism

In case you plan a hiking or a trekking trip, you’d stuff your backpack with only the essentials. You’d cut on every unnecessary gadget, clothing, cosmetics, and luxury. This would not only mean staying away from undesirable stress and confusion but also give you a glimpse of what is important in life.

Trip to mountains

3. Connect with Yourself

When on mountains, you can completely be yourself. It’s the best opportunity to re-connect with yourself. Daily lives are too much of a clutter that we forget to spend time with ourselves, and there’s always something or the other in the foreground to keep us occupied. Mountains give us a perfect setting to tap into the calm inside us.

trip to mountains

4. Push Your Limits

There’s a thing about mountains, peaks appear closer, and distances appear shorter than they really are. I was doing the Trolltunga trek in Norway which also happened to be my first one. It is about 22 Km hike up and down. With 25 Pounds of backpack hung on me and faltering steps, I thought I was going to die amidst the fjords. Yet the need to reach the final destination and a godly persistence kept on pushing me to take the next small step. That day I just couldn’t give up, for my own good, because once you are out there, giving up is not the option. I guess, my brain got rewired that day.

5. Focus

Well, you can’t have a wandering mind on mountains esp. when you are descending a mountain or sitting on the edge of the cliff. Something happened during one Himalayan trek that I ventured on a couple of years ago. It was the 3rd day of trekking and the trail that day was along a one and a half foot wide track. It was utterly cold because of the hailstorm. Not only did it require immense motivation for continuing to walk, but also an undivided focus. We were midway between the two camps, and there was no choice¬†other than to keep on walking. I cannot begin to describe how much effort each next step required. Eventually, after an hour or two of steady walking, the hailstorm stopped, the sun showed up, and I had a moment of epiphany. I realized it’s always better to give 100% attention to any task at hand, not just mountain climbing.

6. Health

Mountains have a good effect on the respiratory system and heart. You tend to consume lesser calories because of decreased appetite. People with allergies feel relieved. Being on mountains uplifts your mood, gives a good night sleep and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

adventure athlete

7. Bond with People That Matter

Whether you hit off the mountain with your partner or friends, you tend to build a deeper bond with them. There is a reduced focus on individual activities( propelled by gadgets) and increased engagement in conversations and group moments. Also, experiences like this bring out the true self which helps you and your partner to know each other better.


8. Every Season is Beautiful

Mountains are majestic in every season. One can appreciate a visit to the mountains at any time of the year.

9. Sports and Activities

There are countless activities that you can choose from, be it hiking, bouldering, climbing, trekking, skiing, canoeing, fishing or camping. Choose the one which matches your interest and take the right precautions while you enjoy.

ski board on snow field

10. Easy on Budget

A trip to Mountains offers a high return on investment. Like my most inexpensive trips have been those to the mountains. And I guess this gives us an insight that great things are not always expensive ones.

11. Quick Mountain Lessons

Whether you are driving through the hills or hiking up a mountain, the journey is more important than the destination(Isn’t this true for life as well?). I did a much-hyped trek at the beginning of this year and expected something surreal at the endpoint. While the trail was breathtaking, the endpoint was a placid lake surrounded by mountain on three sides that seemed only okay, esp. when compared to the entire trail. I had read about this concept of the journey being more important than the destination, but mountains surmised it the best for me. The intention of telling this was how mountains are great teachers demanding nothing but a visit.

12. Experiences

The adventure of traversing surreal and breathtaking panoramas, and interacting with nature is one hell of an experience. You’ll have stories to tell and moments to cherish for the rest of your life.


There’s a very interesting and fitting quote by Greg Child on mountain climbing
“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

Well, here, I am not suggesting that you summit Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Everest. All I am asking you is to make a brief visit to the paradise that mountains are, once in a while. I hope I’ve made a valid case for you to start planning a short trip to mountains without any further ado.

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