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Circe : Book Review

Circe Book ReviewCirce Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5
Author: Madeline Miller
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology
Pages: 333

The book is about a misfit. That too a woman misfit. And how I love misfits. Moreover, the book is based on Greek Mythology. I had only heard the extravagance of it but never read anything about it until Circe. I knew there would be magic, spells, gods, and fables coming live. And that the book will transport me to the world from where there will be no coming back. I hoped that the greek mythology would cast a spell on me and vet my appetite for more of it. TBH, there was no doubt in my mind whether to read Circe or not, since the time I first heard about it. And so, with a heart full of excitement and a head full of curiosity, I turned to the first page, as soon as I got my hands on the book.

Circe : Book Review

As it all began, I found the narration a bit demanding in terms of comprehension.  Still, for some reason, it kept me engaged and going. I felt it wasn’t the usual writing style, and the flow wasn’t easy-breezy. The way you feel when you are entering a flowing stream to get to the rock you want to sit on. But once you get used to the flow of water and find yourself comfortably seated, you start liking every moment of it. Likewise, gradually but eventually, as I turned page after page, I got captivated by the poetic nature of the writing. Bit by bit, the setting, the story, and Circe drew me in from where there was no withdrawing.

I relished the story and was surprised by how much a single book could offer. It’s not even bulky like most other fantasy books, and yet there was no dearth of escapades, affairs, interesting situations and hooks. I could easily picture every world that Circe had set her foot in. The plot full of adventures, heroic characters, and mythology is undoubtedly worth the time. The story is steeped in divinity, and  barely there are greek gods whose names aren’t referred to.

Circe is truly an amazing protagonist. You will be drawn to her, and live her experiences, her kindness, her passions, and her solitude vicariously. Her imperfections for which other gods and goddesses discredit her are what make her perfect, and you’ll love her for that. The power of Circe, who for the most part seems pliant, is such that I can feel her herbs and potions flowing in my veins even now. She is unforgettable. Her POV is relatable, and strength of character moving. I am thankful and amazed by the love(r) that Circe was destined for. This part is one of the most beautiful things about the book, besides the ending, which is a beauty in itself.

I love the message that the book has for humanity. I love the part of how, through the story of gods, the author has gently placed a mirror in front of humanity to assess their follies and prejudices. One part that I didn’t appreciate much (for the theist I am) is how Gods have been portrayed, because I don’t believe in such Gods, nor are my Gods like the ones in the book.

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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