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Delicious And Healthy Last Supper Of 2018

If you are thinking I am going to talk about some salad, forget it. It’s effing last day of 2018 and a celebratory last supper is all that is in my mind. However good, bad or mundane this year was, it was a year when we became wiser, abler, smarter and kinder. One’s got to bid adieu to 2018 in style.  I am planning to take up a strictly vegan diet starting 2019, so this dinner has been decided as a warm up to that. Although my best friend as well as the glutton inside me suggested to have as much Camembert cheese and home-made butter as possible on 31st night, my better sense prevailed. So here’s a complete healthy dinner menu that’d be cooking at my place on the last day of the year.


There is no way I am doing away with soup on a winter night. Also, I really wanted to focus on fresh produce for starters rather than the likes breads. So, there’s this thick, sweet and sour vegetable soup with succulent and spicy mushrooms complimented by crunchy baked potatoes.

Creamy Vegetable Soup

This one is my all-time favorite. Boil tomatoes (number of tomatoes 4 times the other the individual vegetables), carrot, onion, potato and parsley in water (measure of water depends on the thickness of soup you like). Smoothen it in a blender. Use a siever to separate out the pulp. Add very finely chopped carrots, beans and corn. Sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper. You can add some unsalted butter or grate some chesse as well.

Stuffed Mushroom


I guess this is one of the best starters that mankind invented. There’s a lot of confusion about whether to include mushrooms in vegan or not. Well, I will give them a benefit of doubt and continue gorging on them. Stuffed mushroom is not that complicated to prepare. For the stuffing you need to saute chopped garlic and mushroom stems and once it has lost all water, add some spices. The next step is to fill the mushroom caps with this filling and bake the stuffed mushroom caps in a oven.  Check out allrecipes recipe.

Baked Potato Wedges

Never trust a man who doesn’t like baked potatoes. These crispy potato wedges are tasty and addictive. All you need to do is marinate the freshly cut potato in herbs, spices and olive oil. Make sure that the potato is properly coated with the seasoning. Bake the potato wedges in a preheated oven. Check out allrecipes recipe..

Main Course

After nutrients-rich starters, now is the time for saucy and flavorful pasta and  and Italian Wrap. No tasteful meal is complete without carbs-rich diet. Added to them is goodness of vegetables and herbs.

Saucy Pasta


Pasta is everyone’s comfort zone. A delicious whole wheat pasta is all we need at the end of a day (or a year) to make it all better. Although there are more ways to make pasta than there are cities in the world, however, this one’s universal. Finely chop onion, mushroom, capsicum and saute the vegetables. Toss the boiled pasta and with home-made tomato sauce, basil leaves and sauteed vegetables and let it cook for some time. Add seasoning and herbs of your choice. Refer allrecipes for yummy alternative recipe.

Italian Wrap


These can almost be considered as complete foods. Get some whole wheat tortilla. For the filling, finely chop and saute carrots, bell pepper(green), broccoli, cabbage, corn, and green peas. Toss the vegetables in Italian dressing. Also, mix freshly chopped cilantro and roasted peanuts to add some flavour and crisp to the filling. Spread some home made tomato sauce on the tortilla and add a couple of tbs of the filling.  Fold the two outside edges over the filling and make it into a roll.


A good dessert induces the happiness hormone and it is what really makes us feel satisfied after a sumptuous meal. Considering we are looking for something nutritious as well as yummy, these desserts made out of nuts and carrots are perfect to satiate a craving for sweetness.

Date Cake


You might have alternate plans for dinner, but don’t skip this one. It’s an ultimate dessert for dessert lovers and for people who like to stay away from refined sugar. It takes more than an hour to prepare, but is totally worth the effort. I used this recipe and it’s pretty good.

Carrot Fudge


This is perhaps one of the few dessert made almost entirely out of a vegetable. Immensely healthy and utterly delicious, this is my favorite winter dessert. There’s barely a need to add sugar because of the sweetness of carrots and coconut milk, although you may add pulverized jaggery or honey. I found this recipe over here quite spot-on.

Have a hot and creamy cup of coffee following this sumptuous meal?


Do let me know if you liked my supper plan for the new year’s eve. I am not any chef and yet have a special place in my heart for cooking. So, I am hoping preparing this meal will be good to satiate those urges. If the post resonates well with you, please like, share and subscribe.

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Disclaimer: Some of us might be allergic to certain food items. Kindly consult a specialist before consuming anything that doesn’t suit you.


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