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If I Never Met You : Book Review

If I Never Met You Book ReviewIf I Never Met You Book Review

Rating: 4/5
Author: Mhairi McFarlane
Genre: Romance, Chilck-lit
Pages: 418

I was longing (read feeling tormented) for a good rom-com. But I knew no book in this world would feed my addiction as the ones that I’ve already read did.

It wasn’t the first time that I had come across If I Never Met You, but the trope appeared cliché, and more than that, I just couldn’t ever come to put my faith in this book for reasons unsaid. But this time, after much consideration, I bought this book. And the reason I bought this is not because I decided to give it a chance but to get free shipping on this other item. (Hence, this free shipping concept is working well for Amazon)

If I Never Met You: Book Review

Do you know that feeling when a person or a situation over-delivers and surprises you? This book is precisely that. The description on the back cover is underselling and under-promising what the book is. I am a hopeless romantic in reel life (exactly, reel not real), and this book was to my heart what probiotics are to gut.

The best thing about this book is its characters. They feel real, worldly, and believable. Moreover, the journey of the characters through the book has been paid attention to really well. This book is a quintessential example of characters leading the story instead of the other way round. Laurie, the protagonist, has been portrayed well, and her thoughts and relationships with her family and friends are well-rounded and pleasant. Her character has depth and understanding that makes her easily relatable and likable.

The book is not just simply about meet-cute, running into each other, and romantic moments. There is much maturity and thoughtfulness in how the plot moves forward, and the characters evolve. (This book makes me want to know about the author esp. her life experiences.) The book gives a lot of insight into the dynamics of relationships and an understanding of how to navigate them. This is a book one would read more than once as it is so much more than a mere plot. To top it all, I loved the ending. It was beautiful, sensible, and a perfect closure to a rom-com.

Laurie and Jamie are, without a doubt, one of my fav reel-life couples of all time. They fall in love in the most natural and delightful kind of way. The understanding and chemistry between them were bouncing out of the book. They just complemented each other in the best possible ways.

To be honest, this book didn’t give me any laugh-out-loud moments. But the general feel while reading the book was upbeat. I could sense that innate fun element and wit in the story.

One thing though, the people/characters/books references throughout the book went over my head (except for Harry Potter ones). I know that for a fact that Laurie is super cool and witty, but I wanted to get her jokes/remarks. Either the references were too British or old-ish (or I am not as cool as I think I am), but I just didn’t get any.

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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