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Kundalini : Book Review

Kundalini book reviewKundalini Book Review

Rating: 4/5
Author: Om Swami
Genre: Spirituality, Meditation, Chakra Meditation
Pages: 171

Kundalini and Chakra Meditation have always intrigued me. Over the years, I’ve read several articles to know more on the topic.  But nothing in a very concrete fashion.  As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Perhaps, I was now ready to explore the topic more deeply. At the same time, I didn’t know what to expect and how I’d end up feeling. My skepticism continued humming in a low voice alerting me not to trust every word that the book says. There are so many versions of truth even when it comes to divine principles like these. And I have no way of knowing how far from the truth will be the version that I am willing  to trust. I had not heard about Om Swami before, and it was only by fluke that I decided to pick his work considering there is no dearth of books on Kundalini.

Kundalini : Book Review

The book starts with a beautifully narrated anecdote such that I was right away transported into that world. I was enchanted by the gradiosity of emotions that the story carried perhaps owing to the deep reverence I already hold for Lord Shiva. It reminded me of all the divine notions  I had heard and imagined about gods having their abode in the universe some seated on big lotuses while others having glittery courts amidst the stars and planets.  Some floating around with the galaxies in the background all the while knowing what is happening on Earth through their third eye. By the end of the first part, I was most vividly transported to this place. Don’t get me wrong though, the book is not about mythology or religion. This story is to set a premise for what was to come and what was the source of the knowledge.

Second chapter onwards, the book slowly and gradually introduces the concept of Kundalini. It brings forth the challenges one has to overcome and  the steps involved in chakra meditation. The book introduces you to chakras and what each one represents. Om Swami narrates his own experience as well to give a brief context of what Kundalini feels like. Although he has explained the broadly what each chakra represnts, the information on the chakras could have been better structured and more detailed. IMO that he could have elaborated on the experiences around meditating on each of the chakras more. It just feels that I don’t know enough about the chakras and how the flow ofenergy through each of them feels.  Even his own journey of awakening the kundalini seems incomplete.

(To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting what I got but now that I have read it, I feel I should have been able to feel vicariously the emotions of awakening one chakra at a time . But all I got is some information of chakras. Am I making sense. I am sure there’s someone out there who can relate to this!?!?)

The last chapter has been beautifully done though( /so) I want more of it. I wanted to know about path of advaita and bhakti, and how are they different from Tantric form (Kundalini) in greater details. Although the author has summarised the differences but it’s not enough to understand the merits and demerits of each esp. for a person who is new to all this.  I want to understand how each pathway to spirituality is connected to different forms of deities and why. Well, I think I have made my point. While (partially) illuminating the path to awaken kundalini, the author has left me with deluge of unanswered questions. And I consider it more of a good thing than the opposite.

On the up side, the author has quoted verses from various Vedas/ Puranas throughout the book, which makes you feel connected with the ancient knowledge. His writing style is easy, lucid, balanced and sounds practical. And, for some reason, it had a calming and positive effect on me.

Summing up, it was a great first experience reading about Kundalini. The information  doesn’t seem to be deep and thorough, but the overall experience was exceptional.

Here’s to reading more on the subject. Cheers!

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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  1. Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

  2. Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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