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The Love Hypothesis By Ali Hazelwood : Book Review

the love hypothesisThe Love Hypothesis: Book Review

Rating: 5/5
Genre: Romance, Chicklit
Pages: 376

It had been a century (read almost a year) since I last read a rom-com. And my heart was slowly but gradually crumpling into an insensitive blood-pumping machine, collecting dust and becoming indifferent to the world. The other day, as my mom saw me sulking in one corner of my room, she casually asked me why she hasn’t seen me reading lately. This was her first time pointing such a thing out. Usually, the only reason she visits my room is to get me to do some household chores. So when she made this particular observation, I knew what I had to do next.

I googled “best chicklits to read” and after only a little bit of research, I ended up ordering The Love Hypothesis. It’s not that I hadn’t heard about this book before, I was too preoccupied with the other books on my bucket list. Thanks to amazon prime, by evening I had The Love Hypothesis in my hand and had the entire Sunday to devour it.

The Love Hypothesis Book Review

I have an announcement to make.

ALL THE CHICKLIT LOVERS, ATTENTION, PLEASE. The Love Hypothesis is the ultimate CHICKLIT you are ever going to lay your hands on.

Every effing chapter gave me mushy feelings (in a good way). At one point I thought, I am going to die of mushy-feelings overload (again, I mean it in a good way). If there is one book that has a chance to satiate the thirst of an unsatiable chicklit lover, it’s this. This is a perfect rom-com. I tend to overuse the word perfect, for “almost perfect” situations but The love Hypothesis is perfect in every sense of the word. Every scene is a progression of their love story, there are no sub-plots, no hindrances, no fillers, just the uber-romantic and cute love story of Olive and Adam. Don’t get me wrong here and please dont think the protagnists are stay-at-home lovers. Olive’s and Adam’s work life is very intricately connected with their love story so even their work-life builds on the love story.

Both of them were super invested in their careers and that was very smartly intertwined with the story. Olive, a PHD student, is navigating her way through the challenges of life in academics, creating her place in the world of science. She is got friends like family by her side, and that is kind of enough for her. Until she meets Adam. Adam is assistant professor, uptight and callous, but from the very go, he is nice to Olive. Why is so? Everything that Adam says to Olive kind of makes my heart skip a beat. And crave for my own love story. And sulk and long for my own Adam.

Adam ?. Where can I get one for myself? He is my new favourite hero (thereby surpassing Jack Harper). The chemistry between Adam and Olive is palpable. Starting from their first encounter, till the last page, I loved how they were with each other. The bantering that happened between them was adorable. Though they are quite different at the surface level but at the core both are just the carbon copies- kind, honest and generally nice.

Most chicklits have N number of things going on in the protagonist’s life. To show the layeredness of the characters there are sometimes too many people or situations surrounding the hero/heroine. As a result, all this eats up on the main love story. That’s not the case in The love Hypothesis. There’s layeredness, quite a few other nice, friendly characters, career-related things, and yet a LOT of romance and love and fun.

Don’t get me started about the almost 2 chapter long intimacy scene. I don’t know whether to label it as mushy (in a good way) or sexy. Adam is so gentle and passionate for Olive. Why do people write such things and screw up the expectations of impressionable chicklit lovers.

If all this was not enough, there is a bonus chapter. And this bonus is not a marketing gimmick. I, for one, did not expect this kind of a bonus. I feel Ali Hazelwood is a very genuine and grounded author, who cares about her readers and this bonus was her token of thank you to all of her audiences.

Handsdown, this is the most vicarious funny and adorable love story I have ever read. Basically, I am reading this book again very soon.

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Keep Reading. Chao!

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