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Wedding Night By Sophie Kinsella : Book Review

Wedding Night by Sophie KinsellaWedding Night By Sophie Kinsella : Book Review

Rating: 3/5
Genre: Chicklit
Pages: 450

Can’t stop gushing about Never Have I Ever Season 3. I am in awe with it for several reasons, but mainly, smart ass, witty dialogues, clever comedy and strong, meaningful content. And that cliffhanger ending of season 3. That was wicked on the part of creators of the show. How is anyone supposed to keep calm till Season 4 is released? Mindy Kaling is a superb, fantastic writer and she is incredibly creative. I wonder what goes on in her mind. I love every work of hers from The Office, The Mindy Project, The Sex Lives of College Girls to her Instagram posts. Never Have I Ever is one epic series by her and I love it, love it, love it. BTW, I have always been Team Bevi!

Coming back to Wedding Night. I am committed to reading every last book by Sophie Kinsella. I don’t care about the ratings or reviews and I don’t mind not liking her book. And, so, with strong conviction, I got myself Wedding Night. 

Wedding Night: Book Synopsis 

Here’s a quick look into the plot. Lotty just got her heart broken. She wanted to get married to Richard, but that doesn’t happen. Out of nowhere, a guy she had dated when she was 18 appears in her life and on their “reunion” date, they decide to get married. Fliss, Lotty’s elder sister, who has a divorce and her emotional breakdown to care of, now also needs to talk Lottie out of this abrupt decision.

Wedding Night: Book Review

Among all the Sophie Kinsella books I have read, this one’s my least favorite.  There is chaos, a lot is going on, too many characters, too much emotions but not enough of romance.

This is the first Sophie Kinsella book where I didn’t like her protagonist, neither of them. Fliss is level headed, takes charge and the more-likeable of the two sisters and yet since there wasn’t any character arc and a palpable growth journey for her, she didn’t make a mark as a chick lit heroine. Lotty, on other hand, is a handful, flaky and unpredictable, perhaps shallow? I tried my best to appreciate at least one of her characteristics but there is nothing to like. Lotty is dreamy and follows her heart and I wanted to like that about her but she come across as immature. Both the sisters are placed well professionally which is a good thing to know but sadly the plot is more or less centered around their personal lives.

Taking about the love interests, Lorcan is just fine. Almost consistent throughout the book. The writing is not exactly good to be fair. Lorcan has all the characteristics that a love interest is supposed to have, but it feels like I have a summary of his life story and choices. I don’t feel involved or concerned with anything that is going on with him. Richard on the other hand, is an absolute let down. In the beginning of the book, I thought I can like him. I believed that I will crave for a guy like him for myself, by the end of the book, like I have craved for every other Sophie Kinsella hero. But Richard’s character takes a complete u-turn. From reserved, no non-sense, dependable guy, he too becomes flaky like his girl friend.

A lot of characters seem dispensable. The story would have been better without them as they serve no purpose and just make the storyline feel crowded. I don’t get Ben at all. Not saying that he is dispensable, but I just don’t get his character. And kids are usually likeable and adorable, but Fliss’s son, I can’t even recall his name, is none of these. I don’t like him. Was Arthur really required?

And I didn’t have any laugh out loud moments. May be a couple of them, but for a book of this length, I wanted to laugh more. I am okay with silly plotline and cliches, but the book’s got to be feel good. There’s got to be a bubbling romance, witty exchanges and a strong heroine. The book has failed in all of these pretexts.  There are several things happening but the way they are stringed together, just failed to grab my attention. The only reason I read this one till the end is because I suck at leaving books mid way. And yet, I don’t regret reading it. However bad it was, I like chaos and Sophie Kinsella and chicklits and I needed this distraction.

Happy Reading. Chao!

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