10 Podcasts Definitely Worth Listening To

You will never believe that you can be a person who enjoys listening to podcasts. There is no image or any picture to look at, only a voice talking to you. It sounds very uninteresting to most people. This will continue to be the case until you give a try to one of the podcasts on this list.

I preferred my playlists over the radio while driving to work. When someone suggested a podcast, I laughed it off. But then, for a couple of months, I got stuck with a colleague for commuting to work. Why and how I got stuck is a wholly different story. This person used to love listening to crime podcasts. At the time, he was binge-listening to “In the dark”. I couldn’t understand why a person would live through all that gloom just before going to work, but I was subjected to it too. I wouldn’t say I ever got to liking crime podcasts that this person was such a huge fan of, but I started appreciating the whole concept of podcasts. From ridiculing to eventually starting to savor podcasts was a gradual and subtle process.

Let’s get started with the list of PODCASTS right away.

1. Fresh Air by NPR

Fresh Air has very entertaining and detailed interviews, and so, you will love the varied backgrounds of people that they talk to on their shows. Terry Gross is really great at studying her guests and questioning them with an extensive range of interesting facts. It’s informative, engaging and for sure makes you smarter.

Find the link here.

2. Reply All By Gimlet Media

It is a podcast juxtaposing the antiquities to modern living . You will listen to  stories from real people about how they have shaped the internet and how the internet have shaped them and their personality. Interestingly, this podcast has been nominated for Shorty Awards, for an event where the host of the podcast accepted phone calls from their listeners for 48 hours straight.

Find the link here.

3. Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr

If as a listener you like stand-up comedians, then this podcast is just the right thing for you. Here you will listen to some hilarious stuff about culture, sports, politics, and movies. Every week they have two episodes that are aired on Mondays and Thursdays. By the observers of the US stand-up comedy circuit, Billy has been referred to as a comedian’s comedian because his work is followed throughout the world and he is well-appreciated by his fellow professional stand-up comedians.

Find the link here.

4. Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is not just famous for this podcast but has also mesmerized the world with her wonderful books. Her talks about bringing out creativity and efficiency are engaging and motivating. She also shares her essays, short stories, biographies, novels, and memories with her listeners. Her memoir called Eat, Pray; Love was on the best seller list of The New York Times and was also made into a film that went by the same name.

Find the link here.

5. How to Build the Future by Y Combinator

If you are a person who loves building things and making great products then this is a must-hear podcast. It’s unquestionably a bliss to listen to talented people who have built valuable products talk about their ideas about everything under the sky. Their one of the most famous episodes is the one when they aired Mark Zuckerberg’s interview and he shared his views about the world.

Find the link here.

6. Still Processing By the New York Times

This podcast is presented by a major duo- Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris. Both of them are very talented culture writers and can chat about philosophies, theater, political affairs and much more knowing no bounds. Their opinions regarding newly released movies and their interviews with different famous people are very refreshing and unique.

Find the link here.

7. Presidential By the Washington Post

This podcast is for people who are interested in politics esp. American Politics. In its episodes, Presidential take its listeners on an epic yet unique historic journey talking about the personality as well as the heritage of each of the American presidents. This podcast is hosted by Lillian Cunningham who takes interviews of the finest experts in American politics.

Find the link here.

8. The Fantasy Footballers by Fantasy Football Podcast

Now, I am not a football fan. I don’t follow football nor do I have a favourite team. Though I did have a crush on Cristiano Ronaldo at one point. All that said, this podcast has insane amount of energy. That person I used to commute with was a footfall fan and his favourite team was Barcelona. And he used to listen to this podcast quite often. This podcast is loved so much by the people because their hosts have an honest appetite for fantasy football as well as showbiz. The hosts here are not cynical to put a huge number of episodes to rule the podcast world. They just do one episode per week but because they are highly committed to the quality products that one episode, IMO, is more than enough for the listeners.

Find the link here.

9. Dhamma talks by Amaravati

This one is spiritual, esp. for the days when this world has let you down. The show is all about teaching basic information and relevant teachings of Buddhism and to tell modern Buddhists about simple monastics for modern profane life.

Find the link here.

10. Spontaneanation with Paul F Thompkins by Earwolf

Thompkins is a very funny interviewer. His show format is very basic and has hillarious improvisers. They invite just one special guest every week and listening to the interview is just enough to keep your mind away from the real-life problems. It’s very light-hearted and you may want to begin your podcast journey from this one.

Find the link here.

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