Top 10 Must-Watch Ted Talks

Well, accept it or not, some people are effing good orators. You could listen to them for hours and there’s not one thing they say that you won’t buy. They are smooth, logical, smart, interesting and get us motivated and inspired apart from giving us a good understanding of the subject.

So go grab a cup of coffee, sit back and listen to the most captivating people from around the world. These Ted Talks will make you ready to face the world and handle the ups and downs of life. Here’s the list rounded up for the best 10 Ted Talks.

1.    “Schools Kill Creativity” By Ken Robinson

We all know that there’s something wrong with the educational system. Though Ken Robinson is still going to make you gasp. This is one of the best talks you’ll find out here. It will crack you up and yet make you genuinely ponder over the existent educational system. Look at the issues in education system of the United States and what possibly should be the system in place from Ken Robinson’s eyes.

Find the link here.

2.    “A Stroke of Insight” By Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte, after getting a blood vessel blown up in her brain, started to realize her disabilities and her inability to walk, read or talk. Being a curious scientist, she studied her own stroke and found her pathway to recovery. Incredible, isn’t it! Her understanding, her respect for the cells in the body and an amazing will power lead to her recovery. She sure has become an epitome of human strength and will power.

Find the link here.

3.    “How to Measure Your Life” By Clayton Christensen

Are you facing any existential crisis, young adult life crisis (sure there is a thing like this), mid life crisis? Well, listen to this guy. Clayton, one of the most influential people, is of the opinion that even if you reach your goals or attain what you thrive for, may still not be the measure of your true “success” in life. How can one be sure about what they’re running after is truly the most important thing in life? After watching this, high chances you’ll actually wake up, look around and search for your true calling. One of the most inspiring Ted Talks.

Find the link here.

4.    “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are” By Amy Cuddy

You may have read a lot about how others grasp your body language and how sending the correct message is important. Amy Cuddy, however, digs into how influenced we get  by our own body language and how some strategic power postures can change our stress levels and self-confidence. This one’s pretty amazing!

Find the link here.

5.    “The Puzzle of Motivation” By Dan Pink

Wonder what kind of leadership works the best? The talk is about rewards and punishments given in the workplaces, and how the outcomes in each of the cases are surprising. Dan Pink also explains the difference between how people can be an intrinsic or extrinsic type of motivators. It’s great how Pink nudges us into thinking how businesses should run and how the leaders can be the highly effective motivators if they want to be.

Find the link here.

6.    “How To Spot a Liar?”By Pamela Meyer

On an average, people lie about 10 to 200 times everyday. Pamela Meyer describes the actions and mannerisms of those who are clever enough to recognize deceit. In the end, she has also discuss why honesty is the policy. Watch it to weed out all the lies that come along all through the day, will you?

Find the link here.

7.    “Every Kid Needs a Champion” By Rita Pierson

Rita is one of the most inspiring speakers out there. She has explained well the importance and true nature of relationship that should exist between a child and an adult(a teacher or parent). She explains how every kid needs just a person on whom they can can put all their trust. I’m sure, whoever you are, by the time you are done listening to her, you’ll want to give her a hug. After all, we all have a child within, and we all need one person who truly gets us.

Find the link here.

8.    “The Power of Introverts” By Susan Cain

A big shout out to the all introverts around the world. Unimaginable talents and abilities are brought to the world because of the introverts living around you. We don’t mingle much, but we aren’t nuts or crazy. Also, we might be more creative than the normal ones you know. Susan Cain very convincingly discusses the introvert in a positive light and energy they instill in our society.

Find the link here.

9.    “Got a Meeting ? Take a walk” By Nilofer Merchant

The first time I watched it, I found the video very simplistic. The explicit call to action in the video seems too basic. However, there’s an implicit message that is really inspiring.

The concept discussed in the video is quite a simple one. Nilofer says that for the generation of today, sitting is no  different from smoking. Sitting on the same seat for about 9 hours is like a slow poison. So rather than the typical meetings, the work meeting should take place outside – under no ceiling. Sounds interesting, right? Give it a try.

Find the link here.

10. “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” By Simon Sinek

A rather thought-provoking talk by Simon. he talks about Martin Luther King, the Wright brothers and the founder of Apple who inspired countless people around them. I hands down agree with Simon’s proposition that true inspiration starts from you and your strong belief in own self which then passes on to millions.

Find the link here.

Did you like this list of most amazing Ted Talks? Do you think I missed out on any Ted Talk that you should have been listed? Then kindly comment. In case the list resonates well with you, please like, share and subscribe.

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