6 Awesome Self Help Books For Excelling In Life And Career

Most of us have heard of stories of struggle and eventual success of Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Walt Disney and so on. All of the stories had one thing in common viz. each had its roots steeped into hard work, sacrifice, delayed gratification, failure, resilience, endurance, self development and persistence. Before savoring the sweetness of success, all of these gentlemen with remarkable careers had to become self-critical as well as acknowledge criticism of others (within healthy limits). Fortunately, we have an alternative route to success. Though the path is not an easy one, it sure is a shorter route to our prosperity. Here are some of the best self help books that delve into the human psyche and help us come out better informed, driven and focused.

1. Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese

The message in the book is simple. I can sum it up in one line. However, the story narrated to convey the message is appealing and inspiring. Somehow, you’ll become involved with the “characters” in the brief time you spend reading the book. The most valuable part is that the lesson will stick with you in a sweet and encouraging way. I would rate it as one the easiest to read self help books.

2. The 48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws Of Power

Reading this book reminded me of Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards. Within the first few chapters of reading, I felt some immorality, deviousness, and cruelty rubbing off on me. One may not necessarily use the ruthless strategies and mind games mentioned in the book in his life. However, it’s always wise to be conscious of the extent of human manipulations. This book is impressively insightful, and the solid principles are backed with examples from history. Although my ethics and self-moral policing wanted me to put this book down, Robert Greene has made this book addictive enough to make you read it till the end. It is the most powerful and persuasive book on psychology I’ve ever read.

3. Think And Grow Rich

Think And Grow Rich

Want to earn a million dollars? All you need to do is register the need within your subconscious mind with conviction (because it’s all in your mind). The book concentrates on the case that realizing a monetary prowess is all about fine-tuning your mind for it. I remember reading a quote long back which says “Our mind is a good servant, but a terrible master”. The book sets you in this mode. Napoleon quotes Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison all of whom had a strong desire and an unshaken belief (which made a home at their subconscious) that invoked fitting conditions for their ultimate successes. The book is whimsical for sure and pushes you too hard, but it also gets you into action.

4. The Four Hour Workweek

The 4-hour Week

Among all the other self help books, this one changed the way I look at my job and professional life. Timothy Ferris in his book clearly outlines measures to increase efficiency, excel in what we do, dump irrelevant assumptions and pick assignments purposefully. He nudges us out of the comfort zone while exciting us with possibilities. Most of us take our dreams and time for a ride. It’s an insightful read in case you are at a crossroads and unsure about the right thing to do. The most thought-provoking concept for me was the Ferris’s treatment of wealth. Give it a thought, how do you define being rich?

5. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

In the current scenario, the seven habits hold more value than ever. I found the book indulging and a necessary wake up call. Stephen Covey reminds us of setting the sight straight, focusing on self development, living proactively and with rightly-set intentions, and prioritizing well. In short, the book helps us de-clutter and structure our lives. Moreover, it also quite methodically and convincingly, encourages us to shift focus away from pettiness and rat race to a sense of mutual benefit. While reading the book, very once in a while, I took a timeout to give myself moments to ponder over the message. I found it to be one of the most enriching self books I’ve ever laid my hands on.

6. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power Of Your Subconcious Mind

What if I tell you that your subconscious mind is an empty slate and your thoughts are magic pencils. What if I say whatever you draw and draw with keen intensity and sharpness comes true. The first half of the book explains how our conscious mind interacts with the subconscious, affects it and how the subconscious works. The latter part explains the power subconscious wields in defining our lives, relationships, work, success and general being. Whether we agree with the book and follow the steps to harness the potential of the subconscious or not, there is scientific evidence to it (People who healed through placebo effect).  In the end, if nothing else, you’ll be awed by the sheer grandiosity of the subconscious as expounded by Joseph Murphy.

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