Life Can Wait, Road Trip Cannot

Road trips are the best. What is even better is a last minute road trip.  They lead us to unanticipated events, surprising weather conditions, feelings of deja vu, unexpected moments, and unheard of towns. They make us resilient and open to challenges and give a zest for life. Comfy clothes, friendly people, good music and home on wheels is all one needs. There’s chilling, trying out new things, getting creative with choices and having a good time. Going on a road trip isn’t a hard decision to make, now, is it? Here are the top 10 reasons that will nudge you into going on a road trip. Hope my friends read them too!

1. Get Whimsical

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With a map in hand, let the compass of your heart guide you. Traverse the unexplored, follow your instincts and let you amaze yourself. There’s no right or wrong route and you can be spontaneous as much as you like.

2. Cosyness And Intimacy


There will be priceless deep conversations about love and life, sharing of stories and experiences and laughs that will be laughed with your road trip buddies.  There will be leg pulling, remembering of old times, and starting up arguments that you beat under the carpet. You’d most certainly end up caring for each other even more.

3. Music

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Road trip without music is like popcorn without butter. Obviously, there will be lot of music, singing and grooving. Magical thing about music is it attaches itself to experiences.  Whenever we’ll hear the songs of the trip, you will be transported back to those times. You may end up discovering more music and expanding your taste.

4. Silence

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After all the bantering, humor and talking, a time comes when each one of us is on our own. One person will be lost in music while another one will be looking out of the window or thinking about life. We will be close to our trip buddies, and yet, our minds will wander into space which is only ours. This is going to be the time when you get a glimpse of life as it is and not how you want to perceive it. This extraordinarily peaceful moment might as well turn out to be your moment of epiphany.

5.  Journey Is The Means And The End

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There’s no place to arrive at and no looking forward to any particular experience. Each moment is in now and here. You have not much idea what your road trip will shape into; there’s a novelty in every turn. What is and what is yet to come will grant you an adventure of a lifetime.

6. Expenses Are Always Under Control

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You always have control over your spending. There’s no sunk cost of a reserved hotel or a booked flight. With your home on wheels to bank upon, you can efficiently explore and pick from a bunch of options for eating, staying over or choosing places to visit. Whatever suits your pocket!

7. No Timing Constraints


You may overstay a place you fancy, stretch your brunch by a few hours, go from a usual planned and organized routine (even if we are unorganized in regular lives, the world pulls us into a system. I hate it!) to laid-backness and spontaneity. You have all the time in the world to savor every experience that catches your attention and stop along the way as many times as you wish to.

8. Dogs Can Accompany You

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Attention Dog Owners: I know how annoying and saddening it is when you cannot take your dog on trips. I have a friend who has a hard time leaving her dog behind whenever she is holidaying ( Dogs aren’t allowed on flights. Disappointing right!). Well, road trips allow you to do that. After all, dogs need holidays too.

9. Magic In Small Things

woman with brown hair in car during sunset

For once we actually notice the blue skies, tree lines, the beauty of moon and stars, birds, our own breathing, the calmness in the environment, people and their smiles, and our heartbeat. In short, we end up appreciating small things. Road trips to mountains are the most amazing.

10. Unique And Memorable Experiences

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With the detours, the spontaneous campsites, bonfire under the starry sky or the new territories you travel through, you end up accumulating a bundle of unique experiences. It may be enjoying a cozy little eating place, stopping over at the middle of nowhere, vlogging, photographing or relishing the scenic extravagance, there’s no dearth of adventures to live.

On road trips “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”

Which brings us to a fundamental question: Isn’t a road trip a short account of life?


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