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Finding Soulmate

Okay, so it’s Valentine’s week. Finding soulmate is definitely on my to do list. Last Friday, I completed reading The Hunger Games trilogy that holds the most brilliant and moving story of love. The unconditional love of Peeta for Katniss was profoundly stirring. However much the reality of relationship hits you after you have one, all your learnings from life go for a toss as a result of reading about a romance like this. The intent, consistency, and depth of Peeta’s love for Katniss will thaw any coldness and practicality that you may be withholding in your heart.

There is one thing common in the gazillion love stories that have ever been written: all the characters go through a cycle of self-growth before meeting the love of their life. And then, love just finds a way in the most unsuspecting manner. Taking a cue from this, this Valentine’s day lets find a way to the unconditional love for ourselves first? All the other kinds of loves shall follow. So here are a few things to focus on before thinking about finding soulmate.

1. Believe in Yourself

This is the first step and the most important one. You’ve got to be your cheerleader. Stand up for yourself at every low and embrace your every flaw. How will someone else fall in love with you and stay in love with you, if you cannot love yourself?

2. Be True to Yourself

Deep down we know what we want in life. Let’s not try to be a person we are not. We cannot deny honesty to ourselves. It is definitely going to simplify the process of finding soulmate.

3. Keep Growing and Learning

Grow wings. Always endeavor to be a better version of yourself. Learn and experiment. It will not only give you wisdom but also make you a confident and self-loving person.

4. Don’t Settle

Quality over quantity. It is okay if you haven’t found the one. It is okay if everyone else has someone in their lives. Don’t compromise in love. You can do that when it comes to clothes, food, even a holiday destination. But why would you do that when it comes to love. 

5. Don’t Listen to Naysayers

Don’t listen to people, esp. the ones who try to bring you down, tell you you’re not enough and try to make you feel less about yourself. 

6. Do Things That You Love

Because doing things that you love fills you from inside and makes you a happier person. It gives you a positive self-image.

7. Have Faith

You really can attract the kind of love you want. Have a little faith. And a little patience. Everything has its timing. It will work out when it has to. Till then have some fun.

8. Read rom-coms

As much as you can. And let them spoil you. Let the love stories from around the world influence your body, mind, and soul such that you don’t accept anything less than a passionate, intense and unconditional love.

9. Listen to Your Heart

Always. It knows who to love. Let your heart lead you to uncharted territories. Let it show you places and lead you to people. Let go of the inhibitions that hinder your heart’s vision. 

10. Let Go

Learn to move on from things, places, people that are not serving you any purpose. There is a fine line between letting go and listening to your heart. Know when it’s time to say goodbye to everything that is hurting you more than it is making you happy. Staying stuck is a hindrance to finding soulmate.

That’s pretty much about it. 

Happy Valentines Day. Chao!

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