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The Hunger Games: Book Review

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Review (Part 1)

Rating: 4.5/5
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Post Apocalypse
Pages: 374

One of my cousins was visiting us during the holidays. She is 11 and the youngest but also the coolest offspring that my entire family has added to the world. You can talk to her about any damn thing under the sun. Books, love, music, life, movies, dogs, and whatnot. Our interests mostly match so when she suggested me to read The Hunger Games trilogy, I knew I’ll have to read it.

Three Reasons why I was Skeptical about reading The Hunger Games

Firstly, it is supposedly a YA fiction. And, I am beyond the YA age group.

Secondly, good fiction is fine. However, committing to a series is a big allegiance. Because it will not get limited to books but one will have to compulsively watch the movies as well. And mind you The Hunger Games is a trilogy. 

Lastly, choosing a fiction means not choosing non-fiction and all that knowledge that can come your way. I value non-fiction more now. Aren’t fictions like an uncontrolled streak of parties over the weekend. Am I being too hard on the fiction genre and on myself?

The Hunger Games: Book Review

It’s not a YA book. Adults can definitely read this book. In fact, I think teenagers, young people should avoid it as the suffering and violence described in the book is affecting. 

The plot and the theme of the book are well thought out and way too interesting. Katniss as a protagonist seems very real and relatable, and you can easily connect with her thoughts. I believe endings are the most important in the books. It’s easy to spread the storyline thin by adding too many catches in the middle but it’s the most difficult to give an exciting ending. The Hunger Games from start to end keeps you hooked and the ending is as good as the most climactic portion of the book. The book is packed with hooks and moments that would give you an adrenaline rush and oh, there is a beautiful story of love as well. 

The language is a bit flat, and it lacks expressions and finesse. You know the kind you expect from a good writer. The flow and weaving of emotions is missing, esp. at places where you’d like to read subtle hints about what the characters are going through. Moreover, though I get to know a lot about the capitol and the people living there, the life in the districts seems to be missing depth. I wouldn’t say that a unique world has not been created but it has merely been touched upon. I would have liked to read in greater details. Additionally, I would have liked to know the other main characters better and not just Katniss.

All that said, I loved the book because it has a unique and gripping plot and has been narrated with honesty. The characters are very likable esp. Peeta.

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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