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If I Stay : Book Review

If I stay book reviewIf I Stay Book Review

Rating: 4/5
Author: Gayle Forman
Genre: Fiction (Because I couldn’t place it in a more specific genre)
Pages: 210

I bought this book in 2019 but read just a few pages then, before I gave it up. It is only now that I got to finish it. The only reason why I bought it was because it was rated really well  on Goodreads. As far as I can remember, I didn’t drop this book back then because I had found it boring. I just wasn’t ready and excited enough to read it. Now, I was naturally drawn to this book, looking at me from my bookshelf. Moreover, I feel every life event has a right timing i.e. when you are completely ready for it. Perhaps I was truly ready to accept this book just now.

If I Stay : Book Review

I haven’t read anything like this before. It’s crazy how some books surprise you in the most unexpected and unconventional ways. If I Stay is deep and beautiful. I was in no ways expecting it to be this.

The story centre’s around a young girl who is poised with a question of life and death. Her character is relatable and likeable though to be frank it’s her family and friends whom I truly fell in love with. Mia’s bond with her family and friends will fill you with warmth and such feel good emotions that we all crave in our real lives. The story is from Mia’s point of view, but she seldom takes us through what goes in her mind. So, to be honest, sometimes I feel I don’t know her well. And, you know, this book is unique that way. Strangely and amazingly, one is able to understand all the other people in Mia’s life better than Mia herself. The character portrayal have been done nicely and people are so effing genuine. All of them.

And yet, one truly understands the situation Mia is in and feels her emotions vicariously. As she tries to make up her mind, her life bares open in front of the readers making her pain plain and visible. The author has very gently and subtly posed a very beautiful concept of the choice that one finally gets (If I am being abstract here, it’s to keep the beauty of the book intact for people who’d want to read the book in the future).

Although it’s a very short read, there’s no dearth of characters and beautiful moments. There’s a surge of emotions every now and then and the story has been structured very well. My favorite part is how it brings out the beauty of human bonds. Then, there’s also a young love, beautiful and pure.

BTW, I happened to check out the If I Stay Movie trailer after reading the book and I felt the trailer experience didn’t match the beauty of the book at all (Producers of the movie please don’t hate me).

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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