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Remember Me : Book Review


Remember Me Book ReviewRemember Me Book Review


Rating: 4/5
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chicklit, Romance, Humor
Pages: 352

I wish finding a life partner was like ordering pizza for yourself. You can customize the pizza and get exactly the base,toppings and sauces you want. You can make it extra cheesy or have it without any. In fact, you can add some extras over it as well. But it isn’t. This whole business of finding a life partner is unromantic, disappointing and a big headache. But, thankfully, we have Sophie Kinsella. In real life, all you get is chicklit books to satiate yourself with meet-cutes, dreamy love and romance. These things never actually happen in real world. Never! But chicklit books are genuinely a great respite. And I can always bank upon them to snap me out of my gloom. Like someone replacing a defused bulb in my heart.

Remember Me : Book Review

This is a very intelligently written book by Sophie Kinsella.  And I’ll tell you why. But before that a bit about our heroine and the story.  Lexi Smart is a reasonable and likeable protagnist, who ends up upgrading from a messy life to a outwardly perfect life overnight. She has to  figure out what happened over the years while she juggles with her her new life and her brand new husband. However perfect her life may seem, mysteriously ending up in masion of a house and living with a model of a husband is not that simple. So, it is actually interesting to watch the cool and messy Lexi Smart deal with her own upgraded version.

The book has been written well as there are a lot of hooks and innuendos to keep you invested in finding what happened and what will happen. The author has added so many twists and turns throughout the book that there’s not a moment when you feel like putting the book down. Morover, although its a chicklit, it’s interesting how Sophie Kinsella has given a background about characters so that you know where they are coming from. I really really appreciate authors who treat the characters well, and not conveniently as dispensible. Thirdly, Remember Me? kind of also makes us wonder whether the perfect life we imagine is perfect only because it’s in the imagination.

Finally, it is a chicklit so obviously there is romance but suprisingly it is a bit tricky (compared to the other Sophie Kinsella romances). You might actually question it and you may even be apprehensive whether to root for it or not. But by the end of the book, your heart is just going to melt.

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