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My Not So Perfect Life : Book Review

My not so perfect life book review

My Not So Perfect Life Book Review

Rating: 3.5/5
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chick Lit, Humor, Romance
Pages: 430

Sadly, I got myself into the Corona Trap and spent a month fighting it off and another one brooding over what happened the previous month. Zilch fun or humor. As if my brain had permanently got shrouded with dark clouds, the ones that loom over us just before a heavy rain. Rom coms didn’t interest me, I even turned off Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and food sounded boring. Nothing interested me. NADA. And then, my brother, who has always questioned my reading choices (this is the same brother who secretly read Twilight series), bought me My Not So Perfect Life. I half expected this too would fail in making me feel good, but I still compulsively read Sophie Kinsella. And her magic worked, like always.

My Not So Perfect Life : Book Review

I am a sucker for Sophie Kinsella’s heroines and heros and meet-cutes and stories. But this is also the thing that I hate her for. She can’t/shouldn’t make her heros so perfect and charming. Really shouldn’t. It skews the real-life expectations. (Arghhhhh). Anyway, moving on to the book, like any of her other books, My Not So Perfect Life is quite uplifting (and bulky). There are quite a few characters and multiple things happening throughout the book for you to stay engaged. It is a book with a message, in fact messages. Of course there is a sweet romance and love, but thats just a small part of so many other feel-good things happening. The story is much grander this time and it’s not just about heroine’s struggles and triumphs.

The heroine, Katie, has her flaws and problems in life which makes her sound so relatable. She has her moments of failures and breakdowns and yet she manages well. The best part is that her story doesn’t centre around a hero. Instead, it circles around her need and desire to succeed and her passion for Branding. Katie is likeable, kind and her internal dialogue seems pretty rational.

To be honest, My Not So Perfect Life is not one of Sophie Kinsella’s best works, but I still really enjoyed the book. The book definitely transported me to places and made me feel good. The small details about Katie’s life in the farm and her relationship with her family and others she meets through the course of the book is fun to read. What I loved the most in this book is the simplicity of people and how real the situation that Katie is in feels.

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