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The Kiss Quotient : Book Review

The Kiss Quotient Book Review

Rating: 3/5
Author: Helen Hoang
Genre: Romance
Pages: 330

I don’t know what it is about 2021, but the only genre that I have read so far is romance/humor. It is my favorite, but I have never limited myself to only reading romance. And, TBH, finding good books in this genre is getting challenging with every rom-com I complete. Choosing the next read involves basic screening that includes Goodreads reviews/ratings, Amazon ratings, and Google ratings. Only when I am convinced that the book won’t be a total waste of time that I buy it.

I hadn’t heard about The Kiss Quotient, but the ratings spoke well of it. Moreover, I had liked The Rosie Project and believed that The Kiss Quotient would be on the same lines. I was completely, utterly mistaken.

The Kiss Quotient: Book Review

When I had just begun reading, the book felt like a mix of The Rosie Project (book) and The Wedding Date (movie). The Protagonist is portrayed as a very smart, successful, and autistic woman while the escort is as hot as Dermot Mulroney in The Wedding Date. What I imagined was that the protagonist Stella despite her reservations owing to autism, will gradually fall in love with Michael, who will turn out to be much more than just an escort. But one is barely 50 pages into the book when it turns into Fifty Shades of Grey. And trust me that there is too much of it. The book title “The Kiss Quotient” is very chicklity while the book is very adulty.

The author, IMO, has used autism just as a label for our protagonist. I could not see her struggle and her journey to overcoming her limitations. The author could have simply portrayed Stella as nerdy and under-confident when it came to social interactions rather than making her autistic because that’s how she comes across in the book.

Michael, the protagonist’s love interest, an escort by night (actually only on Friday nights), and someone else during the day, is always horny. And as the book suggests he has always been this way, though I won’t deny that he has a special connection with our protagonist. To establish a point that Michael is kind and decent and a family person, the author added the family angle that I found boring. The exchanges that happened among the family were insipid.

Now coming to the “love story”, although I liked the way Michael treated Stella, but I just couldn’t trust him enough. I liked how they liked each other’s company. They felt good about each other and respected each other but something seemed off. I don’t know what. Michael’s job as an escort required him to make his clients feel comfortable, so if Stella felt comfortable with him, it cannot be called love. It was just job done well? There’s also a term for this kind of a thing. Like a patient getting attracted to his therapist. You know what I mean?

If I have to summarise the book, it is first 30 days of two attractive people dating. There was love making after every four pages, which after a point got boring. The book seriously lacked storyline and the ending was rushed (and lame). Having said that, I may have learnt a thing or two about relationships from this book, so I guess I am grateful that I read it.

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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