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The Undomestic Goddess : Book Review

the undomestic goddess book reviewThe Undomestic Goddess Book Review

Rating: 4/5
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chicklit, Romance, Humor
Pages: 404

Who doesn’t want to cozy up on a winter night with a Sophie Kinsella book and a hot cup of cocoa? I am a sucker for chick lits, and my addiction to romantic comedies may well have turned into an obsession, but so be it. I am not passing any chance to warm up my heart and feel in love, even vicariously. The best part about these books is that you know exactly how you are going to end up feeling: comforted, cheery, hopeful and awed. So get yourself one of these, and get swayed by the budding emotions of two people falling in love.

The Undomestic Goddess : Book Review

Sophie Kinsella’s heroines are always strong independent and reasonable women. They could be messy, lost or still in process of figuring things out, but they are smart, discerning and hold their ground. So is Samantha Sweating. She is professionally successful and a workaholic. She has a high profile job and is earning big bucks. All she cares about is being one heck of an efficient lawyer and getting a promotion. Or so she thinks.

By sheer chance, Samantha ends up in a small town and is taken for a housekeeper. It is fun to see her un-smoothly transition into her new life and new routine. She learns to manoeuvre in the kitchen and manhandle the appliances she has no idea about. And of course, while being an imperfectly-perfect housekeeper she also has to figure out how to straighten the debacle she had left behind in London.

Like any other perfect romantic comedy there is a funny first encounter, unspoken attraction, first date and gradual falling in love.  Call it cliche rom-com plot that Samantha, even though a hot-shot lawyer at the biggest law firm in London, falls for a small-town guy, it was no doubt liberating.

Samantha, truly my kind of heroine, has no qualms about working as a housekeeper and falling in love with a gardner. To heck  with social norms and what will people say. It’s inspiring how Kinsella’s book aggrandize simpler things in life. And, at the end of the day, you need to be reminded of it, isn’t it? The characters in the book are nice and pleasant including the idiosyncratic employees. All in all, I think my all-nighter to read this one is well justified and I look forward to such nights in the future.

Before I forget, I loved the ending of the book, and that also reinforces my belief that Sophie Kinsella is one hell of a smart writer. The place where the book ends is a metaphorical representation of where Samantha is in life and of the choices that she needs to make.

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Happy Reading. Chao!

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