14 Best Thrilling Mystery Books Of All Times

Do you feel dead? I mean dead inside after a long work-day? Need some adrenaline rush? Well, you can’t go cliff jumping or ambling into a haunted house. But you can sure read these thrilling, suspenseful and perhaps the best mystery books of all times.

My personal favorite mystery books that didn’t make it to this list because they already are an inseparable part of other lists are Millennium SeriesThe thirteenth tale and The Girl on the train

Alert: In case you do pick up any of these mystery books on a weekday (that is not a Friday), you might sleep at work the next day since you’ll be heading to an all nighter (as these books are un-put-down-able)

Dark Places

Dark Places - Best Mystery Books

Disturbing. Dark.  Demonic. At times I was too saturated with anxiety and fear to keep reading.  But the plot kept me going until the very end. However, the most profound thing about Dark Places is its psychological play on mind more than its plot twists. It brings forth the scary and startling dark spaces and criminality of human mind in a way to leave you dumbfounded and exasperated (esp. if you are not a serial killer. Kidding!).

The Outsider

The Outsider - Best Mystery Books

Apart from being stunned, shook and horrified by the first half of the book, I was perplexed about the fact that how is it humanly possible to write this kind of a thriller. I mean you’ve got to have some fourth dimension access to actually write what Stephen King writes. The book creates a right kind of suspenseful creepy atmosphere and is well paced and extremely well plotted. The character insertions are godly.  A door knock while you are submerged into the book might as well turn out to be the scariest thing ever happening to you.

The Godfather

The Godfather - Best mystery books

A classic. Perhaps among those few books which almost (accounting for the outliers) all readers can agree to have liked. Generations have read and loved it. Mario Puzo is exceptional with words and I am yet to be dazzled by a book as much as I was with this one. It’s a captivating book about a Italian mafia and crime family and opens the door to a new kind of world of debaucheries, gambles and crimes of all kinds.

The Female Of The Species

The Female Of The Species- Best Mystery Books

Ever heard “don’t judge the book by it’s cover”? Probably it was meant for this book.  This one isn’t for weak-hearted and sensitive people. Mindy McGinnis has unabashedly written about violence, peer pressure, murder, slut shaming, rape, child pornography, animal cruelty, teen sex, substance abuse and laid it all bare. It is a psychological roller coaster which will leave you choking with apprehensions and seething with anger. Characters have been beautifully done esp. the main protagonist Alex.

And Then There Were None

And There Were None - Best Mystery Books

Brilliant. Agatha Christie is a master author in this genre. And then there were none is her most popular work and it truly is a masterpiece. An infallible plot brimming with a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere keeps you intrigued till the last page. It’s a short read and it pulls the right strings to give you excitement of a mystery book. Good thing about the book is that its not too psychologically demanding like some other books. Another great book by the author includes Murder on the orient express.

The Hound of The Baskervilles

The Hound Of the baskervilles - Best mystery books

Sherlock Holmes remains the best fictional detective ever created and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is undoubtedly the ruling author in mystery genre. This book is incredibly fascinating and surprisingly gripping. It’s pretty much destined that Sherlock homes in his brown trench coat and cigar will rub off on you and you’d never again accept things based on their appearance (welcome to chronic detective mode). Disclaimer : I hold no blame of suggesting the book in case you end up interrogating the boss and getting fired or something.

If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes - Best Mystery Books

The plot is intriguing and fun, characters are likable and interesting, and the book is mostly fast paced and addictive. This was among my first books in this genre. Even now when I think of the story, it makes me smile. Tracy Whitney is among my top female protagonists. Once you get started with the book, the story keeps on going to unimaginable places and keeps you glued and interested. It has the most interesting romances of all times as well (at least I think so).

Kane And Abel

Kane And Abel - Best Mystery Books

This exceptionally well written story of two families and their political conflicts, history and personal secrets  is really compelling, and the way it is interwoven with history makes it even more intriguing. Jeffrey Archer is un-matchable at mystery and this one is among his best works. Oh, and the ending is mind blowing. That’s the thing about Jeffrey Archer. His books are a masterpiece from the beginning till the end (unlike a few mystery books that lose grip as the plot progresses).

The Shadow Of The Wind

The Shadow Of The Wind - Best Mystery Books

A masterpiece. Not at all easy to forget for a long time after you’ve read the book. It is an absolute eye popping, pulse pounding, suspenseful, dark, adventurous and romantic story. The characters are unforgettable and brilliantly written. It’s an ultimate mystery book and my favorite. Apart from the perpetual thrills and twists, the charm and beauty of the book also fills you with sentiments and emotions for the characters.

The Likeness

The likeness - Best Mystery Books

Exceptional. Thrilling. I was totally sucked into this world and annoyed when I had to get back to my boring uneventful life. I highly recommend this book to all suspense and mystery lovers. It is a psychological, mystery book with adeptly portrayed the characters and their nuances. The premise of this book is pretty incredible and sets a tone for a gripping, page-turner of a mystery novel.

Tell No One

Tell No One

Gasp. Gasp. Okay, I’m ready. Tell no one is unbelievably  thrilling. The book is a perfect concoction of suspense, mystery, twists and turns with a dash of humor, drama, and the unanticipated. The premise of the plot is riveting and it will keep you guessing till the very end. The story is exciting all through and there’s no dearth of twists and turns all the way till the end to keep you glued. Here’s a  teaser : a grieving husband receives a letter from his dead wife.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Best Mystery Books

I hate the characters. I hate how things transpired. It’s sickening. It’s really tormenting. The plot gets to you. Reading the book is an exhilarating experience and this is how good the book is. Characters give unreliable account of the story. The plot is fast paced and will keep you in its clutches till you know what happens in the last page.

In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood - Best mystery Books

The book is based on a gruesome crime committed in a small town of Holcomb, Kansas.  The story about two recently released convicts invading a family and their eventual hunt down is gripping. Truman Capote has artfully captured the emotions and reactions of the neighbors and others in the town and that of the perpetrators mindset. The flow of investigation and the prowess of chief investigator in solving the case has been intriguingly contrived. Apart from being a perfect crime fiction novel, the book showers interesting insights on criminal and crime scene psychology.

Angels And Demons

Angels And Demons - Best Mystery Books

Like any other Dan Brown book, Angels and Demons takes you into a  mind boggling and thrilling world which seems to be very close to reality owing to the well researched scientific/historical facts and descriptions that Dan Brown adds in the plots. This story is gripping and keeps you hooked till the very end. I’ve always been a bit confused about my liking for Brown, but I have to give this to him that all his books are page turners and thick on plot. His other popular works include The Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress.

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