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7 Life Hacks To Remind Yourself Of Each Morning

Having a good day is easy. You can easily tweak a behavior and set the right frequency for having a great day. I used to have placards on the wall which I woke up to. Although I remembered the exact words of each one consciously and sub consciously, yet I kind of skimmed through them each morning. Now, I use sticky notes (I got my wall painted and that was the end of my handwritten placards. Too lazy to make the new ones. Sounds very human, eh?)

Here are 7 things to brush over at the start of a new day to set a tone for a great day.


Mark Zuckerberg understands this. He does not waste his time and energy in making decisions regarding getting dressed up for work. Here’s what he does.

We tend to morph simple every day decisions into complex, demanding routines.  Consider paying monthly bills. They can easily turn into a complex monthly chore if you don’t set up and follow a proper routine. The same can become an easy monthly task by automating it or setting up a scheduler for looking into this task at a particular day of every month.

So essentially there are two important factors to bear in mind to keep our life simple. Firstly, we need to be mindful and aware of what is important and what needs to be given time and energy and how much of both.
Secondly it is imperative to be systemic. Understanding patterns and simplifying repetitive situations is important. Our mind is wonderful at following routines and directions, and at the same time it can act lousy when fed with chaos and disorder.

Internal Locus Of Control

No matter what the situation, don’t be a puppet to external factors, surroundings, people, weather, transportation or even coffee. Things don’t spoil your mood, they exacerbate whatever is budding inside.


Stay calm, composed and focused. You can control and direct your emotions at any given time. Use that power and stay aligned.



Whether it is work, food, exercise, or in-between breaks, everything is good when done in moderation. Excess of anything will start having negative effects. Plan a day such that there is balance of walking, sitting, social indulgences, working, sleeping and eating.

Inner Peace

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Clutter attracts more clutter. While peace attracts more of peace. Your inner peace is more important than any other task at hand at any point in the day. Situations change. A single day can be a sinusoidal wave of good and bad experiences. Hence, it is very important to keep yourself less emotionally attached to every single situation, good or bad.


Do what’s important, prioritize, do away with the inessentials and follow through your commitments. It is very important to be mindful of where you invest your time. Alienate from the low value activities and spare time for things that take you closer to your long term and short term goals. Have long and short term goals in first place. Live a purposeful day each day. In a longer term, live a life of purpose rather than living a string of blurry days.


Learn something new, ask questions, be informed and invest time in reading. Pick up new hobbies, stay interested in old ones, ask people about their lives, question yourself of where yours is going and keep your antennas receptive and active all through the day.

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Did you know the land rover on Mars was named Curiosity. It has been roaming all over Mars for about 7 years now.

Curiosity rover doesn’t know what’s coming and what exactly should it be looking for. Nonetheless it’s attuned all the time waiting to bump into something new. Can we be like Curiosity?

Give It Your All

Do things that you can put your 100% effort into. Well, not every task that we commit to during the day interests us. Nevertheless give it your best shot. It will not only increase the probability of you getting  good results, but also will assuredly result in your inner satisfaction and peace.

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Happy Reading. Chao!


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