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Black Order : Book Review

Black Order Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5
Author: James Rollins
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 544

It has been a while since Black Order has been lurking in my bookshelf. My brother’s friend had given this book to him and he put it in my bookshelf. It’s a bulky book, so I was pretty convinced that I will not read it. And anyway, I felt (things might have changed a bit post Black Order) I had outgrown this genre. I’ve never really liked Dan Brown Books and Black Order belongs to the same category. And the problem with this genre is that all the build-up in the middle just fizzles out by the end. No doubt, there’s excitement in the trails that you have to follow to uncover the truth while touching upon the gripping scientific and historical references. But, by the end, you feel cheated. I had decided to stay away from these cheap thrills.

One fine day, I was looking for the next read in my bookshelf. Everything happened quickly. I looked at Black Order. I thought about my brother’s friend who is a bookworm and who is also a potter-head. At that moment, I just believed in her recommendation. I pulled the book from the shelf and turned to read “Note from the historical record” and “Note from the Scientific record”, and knew that I was ready for this adventure.

Black Order : Book Review

This incredible book left me bedazzled. In the early part of the book, with every new chapter you read, you will be taken aback by the author’s adventurous frame of mind. Several mini-plots run parallelly in the book, and each one keeps getting more interesting than the other. The setting of the book is mind-blowing, and the story takes you to Himalayas, Africa, Europe, America. There is action, suspense, brewing romance, villains to despise and quite a lot heros too.

The premise is actual science, and it is well-integrated into the story. The science and history references have been researched thoroughly. The plot does not get tedious even once. There’s no shortage of characters you can like. And to add to the perfection, the ending is flawless and beautiful. The question that the book poses near the climax is something to ponder on. I am intrigued by the author and plan to read so many other books by him.

In the end, all I will say is, the book has an intriguing plot andĀ  mind boggling settings. You will want to complete it in one sitting, though it is a bit bulky to accomplish that. There is a constant adrenaline rush and perfect unpredictability in the way the plot proceeds. If you are a lover of suspense and mystery genre, you don’t want to miss this one.

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